Why support Jake's Gift Shop?

Jake's Gift Shop was my seven-year-old's idea. He had an entrepreneurial project to do, where the task was to turn R10 into a R100. Even though this task was only to be done theoretically, my Son loved the thrill of making a sale. He wanted to do it for real. This is his brainchild. He spent days window shopping, looking for the right products to sell. When looking for gifts for children, who better to ask than a child. Jake wants to grow his business by providing others with quality gifts for those you love the most. I look forward to seeing where this journey will take us. Thank you for being part of this incredible experience.

I am proud to be one of Jake's first customers. As a Business Studies teacher, I was enthralled by his enthusiasm and business mind.

Carli Van Wyk
Business Studies Teacher

For all the "Geeks" out there, you know who you are. You have to love the initiative of a seven-year-old to convince his mother to spend money on importing Guardians of the Galaxy merch. I love my little "Groot" pot plants. I cant wait to see what idea he has next.

Cat Farinha

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Store Owner

My name is Jake. This is my shop. I still struggle with the writing so my secretary (my mom) is my right-hand lady. I believe in the products that we sell. I believe in them so much, that if your child doesn't absolutely love the gift you bought, I will personally give them a call to find out why. I want every child to feel my excitement for the products we sell. If they have great ideas about toys or gadgets that they would like to get in the future, I would also love to hear about it.


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